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    AT&T to pay customer $850 for throttling data and sending top 5% message, judge orders


    It looks like someone finally was able to successfully do something about AT&T throttling its users with unlimited data without even using 3GB . An iPhone user was awarded $850 by Southern California judge after AT&T throttled his iPhone unlimited data for using 1.5 – 2GB of data, reports Associated Press. Even the judge realize that AT&T is evil and said that “it wasn’t fair for the company to purposely slow down his iPhone, when it had sold him an “unlimited data” plan.”

    Why is this unfair and AT&T should get sued more often for this? The judge couldn’t have said it better. AT&T users on unlimited data plan are paying the same amount of money that users on the 3GB new data plan are paying, which is $30. But those on the unlimited data plan aren’t getting unlimited data which is what they’re paying for, and they are actually getting less than those who are paying for the 3GB.

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