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    How to find someone else’s iPhone


    Losing an expensive phone such as an iPhone can be a nightmare, especially if you have sensitive data stored in it. In order to find someone else’s lost iPhone through Find My iPhone, that person must’ve turned on Find My iPhone prior to losing the phone. To check if Find My iPhone is on, go to Settings > tap your name > Find My. If that option was never turned on, then it’s going to be impossible to locate a missing iPhone through the Find My iPhone app.

    Use Find My iPhone for someone else

    To use Find My iPhone to track someone’s iPhone, or to use Find my iPhone login from another phone, you first need to make sure that the person you’re helping knows their iCloud email and password.

    There are two ways of tracking someone else’s iPhone: through another iOS device; or through a web browser.

    The easiest way of finding someone else’s iPhone is through another iOS device such as an iPad or another phone. But if you have a computer lying around, it’s also possible, and even more convenient for those who do not have access to another iOS device.

    Using Find My iPhone to find another iPhone

    In order to find another person’s iPhone, you must have the Find My app installed on your iOS device or Mac computer. Although this app comes pre-installed by default, it can also be deleted by the user.

    If for some reason you cannot find the Find My app on the device iPhone you’re using, you can download it from the App Store.

    1. Use the iOS Search function to launch the Find My app.
    2. Click Me at the bottom of the screen, and tap “Help a Friend.” Find My iPhone without two factor
    3. Once you’re redirected to the Safari webpage, select “Use a different Apple ID.”
    4. After that, type the person’s (the someone else) Apple ID on which you would like to locate the device.

    Since the page knows you’re looking for a missing device, it will redirect you to a Find My iPhone without a two-factor authentication page. This means that you will be able to log into Find My iPhone without a two-factor verification code.

    How to Find My iPhone from computer or Mac

    If you want to locate an iPhone on a bigger screen or don’t have access to another iOS device, you can locate an iPhone or iPad through any computer or Android cell phone’s web browser. Here’s the quick and simple steps:

    1. On your browser search box, type
    2. The find/ at the end of the URL is very important. This will bypass the two-factor authentication code requirement.
    3. Enter your iCoud login email and password.
    4. After that, you will be sent directly to the All Devices page, where you’ll be able to locate, erase, or put the device on Lost Mode.