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    Send Free International SMS Text Messages on iPhone, iPad, Android, iPod touch with This App


    We know that all apps to send free text messages either locally or internationally aren’t really free because you have to pay for them first, and most of them are restricted to WiFi only. Luckily one of the founder of Microsoft Hotmail, Sabeer Bhatia, has developed JaxtrSMS, an application that can send SMS text messages across the world completely free. Other than it’s free, this application has many advantages from most SMS apps you would find in Android Market or App Store.

    One of the advantages JaxtrSMS has is that it send the messages using your own phone number, it doesn’t assign you an ID or a different number like most SMS apps. This app also sends the text messages over 3G and WiFi. You can text to any number in the world using the simple dial interface the app has. Best of all and unlike many other apps, the person whom you send the SMS message does not need to have the JaxtrSMS app installed as well.

    JaxtrSMS is available for many smartphones including Android, iOS, Blackberry, J2ME, Symbian, and Nokia, and can be downloaded for those devices from the developer’s site