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    WALTR PRO: the right iTunes alternative for Windows and Mac


    iTunes is a necessary piece of software for all iPhone or iPad users who regularly transfer content from their Mac or Windows PC. Although iTunes is an essential software, a huge amount of its users have shown dissatisfaction with the software for a variety of reasons. The largest users who are dissatisfied with iTunes are Windows users, who are constantly reporting on how sluggish iTunes is even when running on high-end Windows PC.

    Luckily, software development company Softorino has created one of the best iTunes alternatives for Windows and Mac you’ll ever find.

    The best iTunes alternative for Windows and Mac

    The software, named WALTR PRO, addresses many issues of iTunes. Compared to iTunes, you will see how smooth it runs on any Windows machine. This is because, unlike iTunes which is a software developed for OSX and just ported to Windows which is primarily what causes the sluggishness, WALTR PRO is a program written for Windows from the ground up.

    Another advantage of WALTR PRO is the ease of use. This is very different from iTunes which has a problem of inconsistencies and a very confusing user experience. WALTR PRO easily lets you drop the right file to the right place without causing any confusion or inconsistency.

    WALTR PRO license key

    Download waltr pro

    Before starting, WALTR PRO is paid program with either a monthly or yearly subscription. The best value they currently offer is $35/year for their Universal License which gives you a total of 16 additional apps. If you just need to use this program once in a while, they also offer a license which is billed monthly for $9.95.

    Downloading and installing WALTR PRO

    The first thing is you’ll need to download iTunes from outside the Microsoft Store. During the installation, WALTR PRO will provide you with the correct link for obtaining iTunes straight off Apple’s servers. Click on the link, and before starting this installation, uninstall the Microsoft Store version of iTunes if you already have installed it. You can do this by clicking the Start button, right-clicking iTunes, and selecting “Uninstall.”

    Best iTunes alternative

    After you install and activate the program all you need to do is start dragging and dropping files in the program and they will quickly be transferred to your iOS device.

    WALTER PRO formats

    These are every type of file you can easily drop into your iPhone or iPad by using WALTR PRO:

    iPhone iPad iTunes formats

    altTUNES – transfer files from iPhone to PC

    Something that Apple has never allowed iOS users to do is the transferring of music content from the device itself to a PC. Thankfully, Softorino is also working on another software that will allow you to easily transfer your photos, music, or any file in general from your iPhone, or iPad to your computer. A product like this will make iTunes an even more useless product to have installed on your PC.