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    Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s: fingerprint scanner works better on the iPhone (video)


    After Apple introduced fingerprint scanner to their iPhone with the launch of the iPhone 5s back in October, Samsung did no hesitate to introduce fingerprint technology to their Galaxy phone line, starting with the Galaxy S5. YouTube Tanner Marsh has uploaded a video comparing fingerprint scanning technology used in the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S5.

    Marsh demonstrate how the fingerprint feature is activated in both devices, both requiring a typed password in case the fingerprint scanner stop functioning. Marsh also noted that users with small fingers will have problems with the Galaxy S5 scanner. The video also shows that the Galaxy S5 have problems recognizing the fingerprint, while the process is almost flawless on the iPhone 5s. This is due to that the iPhone 5s was released six months ago and Apple has fixed many Touch ID issues through updates. Samsung Galaxy S5 has not been released yet, and Samsung will likely release update to fix issues with their fingerprint scanner in the future.

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