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    The original iPhone was severely ridiculed when announced, these are the comments


    When Apple launches a new product, we all know what it usually happens: the company receives a ton of hate from other users and even huge companies like Samsung end up bashing Apple. We saw this with the iPad, most people described as a “useless big iPhone” when announced, and now we are seeing it happen with the Apple Watch. Although the original iPhone 2G revolutionized the smartphone industry, the phone was heavily criticized when Steve Jobs presented the phone in 2007. Here are some of the comments made toward the iPhone 2G when it was announced eight years ago

    Touch screen sucks:

    Apparently none of you guys realize how bad of an idea a touch-screen is on a phone. I foresee some pretty obvious and pretty major problems here. I’ll be keeping my Samsung A707, thanks. It’s smaller, it’s got a protected screen, and it’s got proper buttons.

    And it’s got all the same features otherwise. (Oh, but it doesn’t run a bloatware OS that was never designed for a phone.) Color me massively disappointed. – Jeff @ Jan 9th 2007 12:59PM

    Another from the anti touch screen movement:

    Touch screen buttons? BAD idea. This thing will never work. – Joshua @ Jan 9th 2007 1:00PM

    the touch screen is a nightmare to try and dial numbers from – a proper keypad can’t be beat.

    Touch screen sucks for texting and driving…

    Touchscreens are really terrible if you are trying to input data: i.e. Text message, e-mail… Not only can you not type by feel but there is a very slight delay in the time for the key to register, perhaps the iPhone does not have this delay?

    They are fit for navigation (i.e. clicking large icons) ONLY, in my opinion.

    Perhaps I have a deathwish but admittedly I txt message while driving, being able to feel the keys is KEY (no pun intended) to performing this task.

    I have a 7 inch touchscreen in my car connected to my carPC and with even such a large surface I avoid using it all all costs, instead I use an infrared remote which I can ‘feel’.

    You really just have to spend some with a touchscreen to realize how frustrating it is… Its hard to understand but every keystroke requires a look.

    Its really easy to sit in the lab making touchscreen devices or sit in the store and demo such a device but its totally different trying to use it while walking, driving, or doing anything other than sitting down focused on the device. – Buurin @ Jan 9th 2007 2:21PM

    People also didn’t like big phones back in the days:

    that phone looks huge!! i’m gonna need to get me some bigger pockets – mark @ Jan 9th 2007 1:03PM

    To be fair to this people, touch screen devices terribly suck before the iPhone. People were already used to seeing how bad and unresponsive touch screen devices were.