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    PS Vita Plays PS3 Games with Custom Firmware and Remote Play [Video]


    Want to keep playing Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, or your favorite PS3 game on your bed while your PS3 is downstairs? The PS Vita can stream PS3 games via Remote Play, but not all games, and right now there aren’t many awesome PS3 games you could officially stream to the PS Vita. Luckily, as we know hackers are the early adopters of features on devices. Many YouTube videos are showing the PS Vita streaming unsupported Remote Play games from the PS3.

    • PS Vita
    •  PS3 (with CFW 3.55)
    •  USB Cable to register the PS Vita with the PS3
    •  Wi-Fi network to use the remote play at home
    • multiMAN, a PS3 backup manager for custom firmware 3.55

    If you have all of that ready then you can follow these steps to do it:

    1. Register your PS Vita as a “mobile phone” on PS3
    2.  Remote play on PS3
    3.  Choose how you want to connect for remote play on PS Vita.
    4.  Start multi-man on PS
    5. Charge the game

     That should be it. And don’t expect to stream PS3 games to your PS Vita lag-free or without any disadvantages. You won’t be able to play online because since the PS3 is on custom firmware 3.55 it can’t play online because the PS3 requires the newest firmware to connect to the PlayStation Network and play online. And expect to see some lag, depending on the wifi signal you use.

    Source analoghype