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    Tesla Motors site, Twitter account hacked by Autismsquad (screenshots)


    Tesla Model S On Saturday evening, a group of hackers that go by the name of Autismsquad vandalized Tesla Motors’ website and Twitter account. The hackers took control over Tesla’s website and Twitter account changing information in their Twitter account and replaced the content of the website with a GIF image. Other than changing information including its location, name and description, the hackers also posted some tweets giving shout outs to their buddies (niggas).

    Tesla Motors nigga

    The hackers also tweeted that Tesla’s Twitter account is now run by a computer repair shop Oswego PC Repair located in Oswego, Illinois, giving their phone number to call the shop if you want to get a free Tesla car.

    Tesla Motors Twitter hacked

    Here are all tweets posted by Autismsquad that Reddit user inspir0nd was able to capture before Tesla took back control of its account:

    Autismsquad Tesla hack

    Here’s what the hackers changed the website once they took control of it:

    Tesla Autismsquad

    (Via Reddit)

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