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    These are the best first smartphone for any person


    Buying a smartphone is something very easy for those who have experience with cell phone devices. But although it looks easy, this can be a scary process for those buying a smartphone for the first time in their lives or buying a smartphone for someone who has never used it before.

    For example, a grandfather/grandmother who has never used a smartphone before will not have the same needs as a teenager who will have his/her first smartphone. The teenager will undoubtedly need a cell phone with a better camera, better screen resolution, and more storage than his/her grandparents. When it comes to cell phones, everyone has different needs. This can be true even for two people/kids of the same age or generation, not just people of different age groups.

    Best first mobile phone for anyone

    To suggest the first smartphone for anyone in general, the most important aspect to take into consideration is the budget. This is because not everybody has the same budget.

    But don’t worry if you don’t have a high budget, we are not in the early era of smartphones. Back then, the difference between a mid-range/budget smartphone and a high-end smartphone was day and night. At that time, budget smartphones were horribly built from the software to the hardware built.

    Thankfully, as technology has progressed and become cheaper, there’s no longer a huge difference between a budget cell phone and a high-end device when it comes to usage. Unless is something oddly specific, it’s hard to find a feature that is not available on a budget phone and only available on a high-end device.

    Best high-end first smartphone: iPhone 11 Pro

    Best first phone iPhone 11 Pro

    If you’re not tight on budget, your first smartphone should be an iPhone 11 Pro. Even though it’s not the latest iPhone, the iPhone 11 Pro is an extremely well-made cellphone that will not disappoint you anyway. Since the iPhone 11 Pro is one of Apple’s flagship devices, you will not miss any of the major features or built quality found in newer iPhones.

    Another important reason why this should be your first device is that, unlike most Android manufacturers, Apple does not abandon its older phone models. Apple tends to support older iPhones for even half a decade or more. So in terms of functionalities, your iPhone 11 Pro will not be left behind. It will still continue to get new features and updates.

    And since this is your first smartphone, an iPhone 11 Pro would be a great decision because there are 272 Apple Stores across the US. If your phone breaks or you need any help, all you’ll need to do is head over to your local Apple Store and get it fixed.

    You can buy the iPhone 11 Pro in a variety of colors and either a regular screen size or a big screen size directly from Apple or Amazon.

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    Best budget first phone: Galaxy A13 5G

    Good first phone Galaxy A13 5G

    If you don’t feel comfortable shelling out a few hundred dollars for your first smartphone, then your best option would be the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G. As of now, the Galaxy A13 5G is the best budget smartphone you’ll find. With the Galaxy A13 5G, you’ll basically feel like you have a high-end or premium smartphone without having to waste nearly a thousand dollars.

    The A13 has nearly all the major features found in high-end devices. This includes a fingerprint sensor for security, fast charging, and most important, cellular 5G connectivity. The A13 also packs a 5,000maH battery, so you will not have the dreaded bad battery life problem.

    You can buy the Galaxy A13 5G directly from Samsung or either fully unlocked or for a specific mobile carrier for just $194.

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    Best first phones for kids

    Buying the first smartphone for a kid can be tricky, as it heavily depends on how the kid generally behaves.

    But if you have a 10 or 11-year-old and have decided to get him or her their first smartphone, I would highly recommend not getting them a high-end or mid-range device. A high-end device for a kid that age has a high possibility of only bringing in problems.

    Firstly, since this is their first device, there’s a high chance that they will either lose it or break it. Secondly, there’s also the probability of them being targeted for robbery by other kids or adults.

    I’d highly recommend they get a low-budget phone. That way there’s not much money lost in case it gets lost, broken, or stolen.

    iPhone SE

    Although the iPhone SE was released several years ago, it still works fine for all types of tasks. Even recently, Apple still supported this device with software updates that run smoothly. You can download any app with the device. Additionally, you can install parental control to limit what your kid can do and not do with the device. And with Find My iPhone, you’ll be able to track and monitor your kid’s location at any time.

    You can buy an iPhone SE on Amazon for as low as $96.

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    Nokia 225 4G

    Nokia 225 best phone for 10 year olds

    If you would rather not give your kid full-blown access to the web and millions of apps, the best thing you can do is buy them a Nokia 225 4G. This phone has a super minimalistic style while supporting basic features such as clear voice calls and texting while also providing safer and limited entertainment to kids.

    You can buy the Nokia 225 4G in black, blue, or yellow for just $47 unlocked for any mobile carrier.

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    Best first phone for teenagers: iPhone 8 Plus

    best 1st phone for teenager

    For teenagers, a first phone is very different than for a 10 years-old due to their maturity level. At 13, they’re learning faster and taking more care about their stuff.

    Buying the latest flagship device from Samsung or Apple to a teenager is not a very responsible financial decision. This is why the perfect 1st smartphone for a teenager would be the iPhone 8. Since this device was released several years ago, this still-powerful phone can be obtained at a very affordable price.

    Although the phone is a few years old, your kid will not miss any major or popular features that their peers are using. This phone is still as powerful and useful as any of the latest Apple devices.

    The phone is so powerful that is still receiving the latest updates and new features from Apple. Another important reason why this is a great 1st phone for a teenager is that, since this phone is still so powerful, your kid will not outgrow this device very easily. She or he will likely keep using it for a few more years. Although might sound silly, your teenage kid will also not get teased for using an Android device.

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    Best first smartphone for seniors: iPhone XS Max

    iPhone XS best smartphone for seniors

    Since a senior citizen will likely be more careful than a ten-year-old, we can be more flexible when it comes to the pricing of the device. It’s unlikely that the phone will be misplaced or broken.

    A perfect first device for a senior citizen would be the iPhone XS Max. The iPhone XS Max is a powerful device with a great amount of high-end premium features. And since Apple does not let their older phones become obsolete, the iPhone XS Max is likely to last a senior citizen nearly their lifetime.

    The device is very easy to learn how to use once you set it up for the first time. Also, seniors will not have any problem finding the right person if they ever have a question on how to do any particular task on the device. This is because its OS (iOS) is so popular, that most people are already familiar with how any iPhone work.

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