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    How to search on Twitter without an account


    Do you want to see some content found on Twitter but do not want to sign up for a Twitter account? Luckily, this shouldn’t be a big deal. Unlike Instagram, Twitter lets you browse their website without having to create an account. The only problem is that if you go to Instagram’s home page directly, you might believe that an account is required to keep browsing the website. Twitter has hidden any way of accessing the website without an account.

    This does not mean that it is impossible to search on Twitter without an account.

    Twitter search without an account

    To search on Twitter without an account is pretty simple. Instead of going directly to’s homepage, on your browser search type Within that page, you will be able to search for any content such as users or posts on Twitter. You will also have access to Twitter’s Trending section.

    Another way and better way of accessing Twitter without having to sign in is by using is a third-party open-source website that lets you browse all of Twitter’s content without having to use an account. It also provides additional features such as privacy, no Javascript, and no way for Twitter administrators to track what you do on their website. This service is completely free and does not show any ads nor require a subscription.

    Find someone on Twitter without a username

    To find someone on Twitter, you don’t exactly have to know their username. When someone creates a Twitter account one of the information that that person must provide is their name. If you know that person’s name, you can use it to search on Twitter for their account. For example, Lebron James’s Twitter account is @KingJames. But if you search for his name Lebron James on Twitter, his @KingJames account will show up.