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    How to search on Twitter without an account


    Do you want to see content found on Twitter but do not want to sign up for a Twitter account? Unfortunately, in April this year, Twitter removed the Twitter Explorer page for unregistered users.

    The Twitter Explorer page allowed people to search and see trending topics on the whole Twitter platform, even without having to log in or register for an account.

    But don’t worry! We can use a few unofficial tricks to explore Twitter without an account.

    What unregistered users can see on Twitter

    First, it’s important to know that Twitter does not 100 percent block the whole site for non-users. Non-registered users still have access to tweets if they have the tweet URL.

    For example, this is a tweet from Rockstar Games:

    As a non-Twitter user, we can see the tweet’s content, the amount of reposts, quotes, likes, and bookmarks. However, when visiting the tweet without an account, we cannot see the replies and the number of responses the tweet obtained; this shouldn’t be that important to most non-registered users.

    Additionally, non-Twitter users can also see Twitter users’ profiles. For example, even without being signed in to Twitter, you can view Rockstar Games Twitter account. However, like the Tweet, you need the account URL to see the profile.

    Ways to search Twitter without an account

    There are multiple ways of searching and viewing Twitter content without signing in or having an account. Here are the best ways of accomplishing this.

    Twitter/X app

    The easiest way to search on Twitter without an account is by downloading the official Twitter/X app onto your smartphone. Yes, it sounds ironic, but it works.

    You do not need to sign in to search or view content on the Twitter app. The Twitter app also gives you the trending tab found on the Twitter Explore page without signing in to a Twitter account.

    Twitter web explore without account

    The easiest way to explore Twitter without an account is by using a web portal called “Nitter.” Nitter is a free and open-source project that acts as a front-end alternative for Twitter.

    Donations from users fund the project, so it does not show any ads or require a subscription.

    Additionally, Nitter heavily focuses on privacy. Because of this, no Twitter administrator or developer can track what you do on their website.

    As you can see, on Nitter, you can search for anything on Twitter. You can search for any keyword, user name, or hashtag.

    Update: it appears that stopped working. Use its alternative source at instead.


    Using Google to view Twitter without account

    If you are not a habitual Twitter user and are just searching for specific content, the best way to find this content is by using Google search.

    Yes, that’s right, Google Search. Since Twitter does not block unregistered users from viewing tweets and Twitter profiles, Google indexes them in its search engine.

    To search on Twitter using Google, use the site: operator on Google Search. When you use the site: operator, Google only shows results from the site you typed on after the colon.

    For example, if you want to look for information about Grand Theft Auto 6 on Twitter, type Grand Theft Auto 6 in the Google search box.

    You type the information you want on Twitter, press space, and type what you're looking for

    This is a great way to find somewhat popular information posted on Twitter. The only downside is that you will not get results from content that Google has not indexed yet. In that case, you should use the Nitter portal.