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    Why the App Store sucks, an iPhone developer explains


    Bad app storeWhen it comes to mobile apps it’s a fact that out of the three top app stores, Google Play, BlackBerry World, and Windows Phone Store, Apple’s App Store is where most top quality apps land first. Many people who used to worked at a factory are now millionaire thanks to the infrastructure Apple have built with its App Store. This is why the App Store is the most popular mobile apps distribution platform among developers and users. But, although Apple’s App Store is well-known among mobile users, the store has many weaknesses that need to be fixed or improved by Apple, as explained by co-founder of popular mail app CloudMagic. According to Rishj’s explanation, Apple’s App Store needs to turn itself into Google Play in order to become the best app store and not just the most popular app distribution platform.

    The developer starts by asking Apple to improve its search function, stating that results are irrelevant of what users search. It is also suggested that Apple add videos in app listings like Google Play already does. For a better user experience, developer Rishit Jhunjhunwala says that the App Store needs a better review system, that the current system is useless and has many flaws like deleting previous reviews when an app receive an update.

    The App Store does not only need improvements in user experience, it need to give more control of their apps to developers. Rishj explain that Apple needs to let developers respond to user reviews, “maybe it was something silly that can easily fixed if we respond, and avoid a 1 star review,”  Rishj tells Apple. The developer also request Apple to let them know source of download, better search analytic, and a better data analytic in general.

    Rishj’s full list is a good list that would greatly benefit iOS users and developers. You can read his full list on his blog at