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    Bored of your iPhone? Here are things to do and make it unique


    After the first week of buying an iPhone, you will definitely get bored of it within a short amount of time. Once the feeling of having that stunning new device wears off, you’ll only use your device for basic tasks such as Facebook, Instagram, calls, or emails. Considering you most likely paid $873 for your iPhone, the last thing on earth that should happen is you to get bored of the phone that quickly.

    In that case, you would’ve been better off with a cheaper Android phone or an older iPhone. You should get the most use out of that device if you paid more or nearly the average price of an iPhone.

    If you got into the iPhone hype, bought one, and now regret paying more than $873 because you find the phone boring, then there’s a big chance you don’t know all the fun things you can do with your iPhone. Here are the best things you can do to make your iPhone less boring…

    Jailbreak it

    Have you ever thought of changing the icons of apps, using FaceTime over 3G, or blocking certain numbers? This can all be done if you jailbreak your iPhone. By jailbreaking your iPhone, you can do many different things like sending files to Android devices via Bluetooth, forwarding your calls, SMS, and voicemails to your email address, and thousands of modifications through Cydia.

    Stock iPhone VS. Jailbroken iPhone

    Buy a unique case

    While there thousands of cases, most people use the same case from popular brands. If you want to give your iPhone a unique look, the easiest way of doing this is by getting a unique case. Try online stores such as Amazon, or eBay to look for many different and stunning cases.

    Try new apps, not just games

    You may know about the App Store. When going to the App Store, the first thing you’re likely to check is the Top Charts tab, where you will mostly find mini-games like Angry Birds. Instead of just checking the Top 25 tab, you should also browse applications by going to the Categories tab. By going to the Categories tab, you will not only find games, but you will also notice that there are different types of useful applications like music, navigation, social network apps, and utilities. Below are some good applications that are very useful and entertaining that are not games:

    1. Flashlight – Use camera flash on iPhone 4 and 4S as a flashlight.
    2. Tune In Radio – Listen to all local and international radio stations broadcast.
    3. Clear – A very nice and simple to-do list.
    4. Tweetbot – Better Twitter client.
    5. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner – Listen to police conversation when you get bored.

    Mod your iPhone to make it look unique

    Any iPhone you see looks the same, right? Just that some are white and others black. If you want to completely differentiate your iPhone you can do many things with the phone. One of the most different thing you can do is to mod it so that the rear Apple logo lights up. Or you can even have a beautiful tribute to Steve Jobs with the “iPhone for Steve” rear panel mod. Check a list of mods you can do to your iPhone.

    Buy an Android phone

    Well, the last option you have is to buy an Android device. There are hundreds of Android devices. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. One thing you will not get bored with is looking for Android devices. If you hate that the iPhone doesn’t have a 4-inch screen, you can find an Android with a 4-inch screen. Hate that the iPhone doesn’t have LTE? There’s an Android device for that. Want to move to another carrier but that carrier doesn’t have the iPhone? Don’t worry, there’s an Android device for that.

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