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    How to check data usage on iPhone


    iPhone 5 LTE AT&T Unless you’re on Sprint, if you have an iPhone on A&T or Verizon it is likely that you have a limited amount of monthly data. Carriers like Verizon and AT&T can easily put you to debt if you go over your data limit. AT&T charges $10 for each GB you overuse while Verizon will take $15. So it’s important to know how to check data usage on your iPhone if you care about your wallet.

    When it comes to checking data usage on iOS, it’s not as easy as on Android. Android 4.0 (or later) has a built-in feature that allows you to check your data within the system settings. But it’s still possible to track your data usage on an iPhone. This can be done in different ways including iOS’s data usage built-in feature or third-party apps. Here’s how you can do it…

    Check data usage by using iOS cellular usage feature

    Without downloading any additional app from the App Store, iOS has a built-in feature that records your data usage. This feature can be accessed by going to Settings > General > Usage > Cellular Usage. Apple’s data usage feature sucks compared to other app or Android’s own data usage feature. Apple’s data usage only show statistics since the first time the phone was set up or the last time the stat was manually reset. This feature also doesn’t show the amount of data particular apps are consuming, it only shows data usage in general nor it will reset automatically by the end of the month.

    iPhone data usage

    Apps to track data usage

    If you’re not satisfied with the built-in app above, you can download a third-party app from the App Store to better track your data usage, there are plenty in the App Store – and here are some of them:

    DataMan – The best app to track your data usage. DataMan tracks your data usage in real-time. Apart from that, it warns you before you reach your data cap. The app also automatically resets itself at the end of your bill cycle, works will any carrier, and lets you see your past usage. DataMan is in the App Store for $1.99.

    DataMan ProIf you still want an app with more tracking features then there’s DataMan Next and DataMan Pro. With DataMan Pro, you can see how much data a particular app is consuming. DataMan Pro is available in the App Store for $4.99 for iPhone. If you want to track your data usage on your LTE iPad, DataMan Next will do that for you.

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