Thursday, June 24, 2021
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    HOW TO: Fix GEVEY “Invalid SIM” and “SIM Failure” Error Messages


    Unlocking iPhone using the Gevey SIM may take you some time to get everything working the right way, even following all the instruction correctly may end up getting error messages after you reboot your iPhone. The error you’re likely to receive after you reboot the iPhone using the GEVEY SIM is the “Invalid SIM, SIM Failure” message.

    Invalid SIM Failure iPhone 4To fix this error message just follow this simple steps and everything should be working normally once you finish:

    Step 1: Turn off the iPhone and remove the SIM card

    Step 2: Turn the phone on, let it boot up, and slide to unlock your phone

    Step 3: You should see the “No SIM card message, insert the GEVEY SIM

    Step 4: Wait for the Gevey message, and click agree

    Step 5: Wait 15 seconds, dial 112 and hang up in two seconds

    Step 6: Go to settings and turn on Airplane Mode and wait 40 seconds for a message

    Step 7: Turn of Airplane Mode and you should see another message

    Step 8: Don’t touch or do another thing, just leave your phone without doing anything for at least 5 minutes

    Step 9: The phone will eventually start picking up signal, the bars will start growing and the carrier name will appear