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    PS4 beats the Xbox One in October sales, 10th straight month


    For the 10th month, the PS4 beat have been beating the Xbox One in sales. Sony confirmed via Twitter that the “PlayStation 4 is the top-selling console in the US for October.” Both consoles have been out for a year now and Sony has been selling more gaming console than Microsoft ever since both launched their newest gaming console last year.

    Sony successful sales with the PS4 can be attributed to terrible decision by Microsoft before both consoles were released. Microsoft intended the Xbox One to an online console only, forcing users to sign in online every 24 hours if they want to keep playing their games. The console also became hated when Microsoft announced that it will have a ton of DRM check like being region-locked. In order to win many unhappy potential buyers back, Microsoft decided to remove those DRM check and restrictions. Unfortunately for Microsoft, those people had already decided to buy a PS4 instead.

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