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    Smartphone market share infographic shows Android beating iOS world wide


    Android vs iOS AppleStatistically we know that Apple products are typically used by higher income folks, while Android devices are usually used in lower-income places. This means that you’ll likely to see Western folks using an iOS device than an Android device. But that’s only in those markets that iOS is beating Android. When all markets put together, Android is actually beating iOS market share due to the variety of devices; mostly due to the saturation of low-cost smartphones running Android which are better seller in developing countries.

    Although Android and iOS are dominating around the world there are two countries that are dominated by other smartphones: South Africa and Bangladesh. In South Africa BlackBerry still dominates with 39 percent, and Nokia in Bangladesh with 26 percent of mobile web traffic.

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    This data come from mobile technology firm dotMobi which also specified which countries are dominated by which mobile platform. The research was conducted using “billions of mobile site views on its goMobi mobile,” as reported by The Next Web. Green representing Android, black iOS, and gray places that are not included in the datasheet, the graphic shows that iOS consumers are mostly from the US, Canada, Russia, Australia, UK, and Japan. Android is mostly dominating in developing places in South America in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Honduras. Chinese are also using Android devices.

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