Monday, January 17, 2022


    PS4 hacker to release piracy tool for the PS4, allowing users to save disc to HDD

    When the PS3 hacked firmware was released to the public, the most famous homebrew application was the famous piracy app called MultiMan. What this...

    multiMAN Update 02.09.00 Released

    multiMAN 02.09.00 is now available to download. multiMAN developer, Deank, has released update 02.09.00 adding some changes and improvements. Here's the full change log for this update: Backup...

    multiMAN Update 02.05.03 Brings Motion Background and Fixes [Video]

    PS3 homebrew developer deank, has released update v02.05.03 for multiMAN, his famous PS3 back up manager created by him. multiMAN Update 02.05.03 adds the ability...

    Download YouTube Videos Directly to Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

    Have you ever needed or wanted to easily download and keep YouTube videos on your device? YouTube 2, a Cydia tweak, allows you to...

    MultiMAN Update 2.03.00 Is Now Available for Download

    Deank, the developer behind the popular PS3 back up manager multiMAN, has released an update to adding new languages, improvements and some fixes. Deanks has been...

    PS3 Getting a Nintendo DS Emulator [Video]

    An anonymous PS3 homebrew developer is currently working on this Nintendo DS emulator for the PS3 which will allow Nintendo DS games be played on the PS3 system. The emulator is currently on its...