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    MultiMAN Update 2.03.00 Is Now Available for Download


    MultiMAN Update 2.03.00 Deank, the developer behind the popular PS3 back up manager multiMAN, has released an update to adding new languages, improvements and some fixes. Deanks has been doing a great job improving his PS3 back up manager frequently by adding new features and fixing bugs.

    Here are the official changelog posted by the author:

    02.03.00 - 
    * Changed Font properties/functions for all modes
    * Max number of games+AVCHD in game modes 960(was 640)
    * Max number of entries per XMMB column 3200
    * Changed character limit for XMMB Settings column [selected option] to 36 (was 32 - now German/French fit)
    * Moved [selected option] to the far right
    * Freed more than 20MB of RAM 🙂 (and reallocated some of it to increase max number of games/xmmb entries)
    * This update should fix "Not enough memory for web browser" which some users experienced. If it doesn't - use the Original Theme.
    * Added check for downloaded multiMAN updates (to avoid installing broken/incomplete PKG files)
    * Added check for downloaded covers (to avoid accepting broken/incomplete downloaded files)
    * Command menu in File manager changed a bit
    * Legend in most display modes will use current localization setting
    * Pad vibration added as warning for "Delete" game/folder prompts
    * Included all languages (with latest versions posted by translators)
    * Added back Dutch
    * Added back Portuguese BR
    * Added back Arabian

    You can update to multiMAN 2.03.00 straight from the multiMAN application on your PS3, or you can visit the original post on PSX-Scene to manually download and install multiMAN 2.03.00.