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    Samsung unveils Galaxy Tab S fingerprint tablet ahead of Apple iPad


    GALAXY Tab SSamsung has a new tablet line: the Galaxy Tab S. On Thursday during their “Tab Into Color” event in New York the electronic company announced its latest tablet in a hope of disappearing Apple’s iPad from shopper’s shopping cart. The Galaxy Tab S is the first tablet to use a high resolution Super AMOLED screen. Samsung is offering the Galaxy Tab S in two sizes: a 10.5″  and a smaller model 8.4″ model with a 2560×1600 resolution. Surprisingly, Samsung decided to beat Apple at its own game making the Galaxy Tab S thinner and lighter than the iPad Air. The 10.5″ WiFi model only weights 465g while the LTE model weights 467g. The 8.4″ weights even less at 294g (WiFi) and 298g (LTE).

    Software-based, the tablet comes with Android 4.4 Kitkat as its mobile operating system. One feature many will find useful in this tablet is the Multi Window multi-tasking feature. This feature lets you do two things at the same time like watching a movie on Netflix and browsing the web. The OS is also packed with SideSync 3.0 which lets you view your phone screen on the tablet, transfer data, copy & paste text easily.

    Ahead of Apple, Samsung now has fingerprint scanner in their tablet. The Galaxy Tab S has a fingerprint scanner so you can unlock the tablet using your fingerprint. The tablet features a multiple users login and allow you to hide private contents from other users. The Galaxy Tab S is packed with 3GB of RAM, 16/32GB of internal memory.

    The Galaxy Tab will be available in July in the US in brown and white color. It will have the same price as the iPad, costing $399 the 8.4″ model and $499 the 10.5″ version.


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