Monday, January 17, 2022
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    PS3 Update 4.00 Already Jailbroken By Hacker KaKaRoTo


    Waiting for a PS3 custom firmware on newer firmware like 4.0 or 3.73? Well, you’re not that long from getting it. Famous PS3 hacker in the PS3 hacking community KaKaRoTo has announced on Twitter that he has been able to jailbreak PS3 firmware v3.73. Later after that Sony released PS3 update 4.0, which enables the PS3 to manage PlayStation Vita’s content. Now KaKaRoTo has announced again that he has tested the same exploit used in firmware 3.73 and the exploit still “partially” jailbreaks the system on firmware 4.0.

    KaKaRoTo didn’t announce the date on which he will release this hack so other people could jailbreak their PS3 system. This hack will only allow Homebrew, stay on 3.55 or lower if you want to continue backing up your games.

    [Via PSX-Scene]