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    You can now install Linux on your PS3 again [Guide How-To]


    Last year when Sony decided to remove Linux from all PS3 systems through a firmware update, they left a lot, if not all, PS3 Linux users angry.  Most of them decided to not update firmware to not loose the ability to install Linux on their system. Well, if you were waiting for Linux and your PS3 is hacked, you can now install any Linux distro on your console again!


    A member of the PSX-Scene forum has written a handy 5-step guide on how to install any Linux distro on your PlayStation 3; and of course, your PS3 will have to be hacked on firmware 3.55 kmeaw or earlier.

    Ok so you’ve been playing about with linux on the ps3 and find that debian isnt your first choice distro…ok so im guna explain the process on how to get which ever distro you like up and running on your ps3.

    The first step is you require some certain pieces of software to do this;

    1) You need to download the powerpc64 version of the distro of your choice
    e.g “PlayStation 3 alterative CD
    For Sony PlayStation 3 systems. (This defaults to installing Ubuntu permanently, since there is usually not enough memory to try out the full desktop system and run the installer at the same time. An alternative boot option to try Ubuntu without changing your computer is available.)” or Arch Linux PPC “ISO images can be downloaded via HTTP from the mirror site listed below.

    2)you need to download your iso file and burn it to cd

    3)Now to the ps3, obviously you need to have kmeaw 3.55/rebug 2.55.2 installed as your cfw next you need this – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! (this file is a variant of kmeaws bootos but instead of using asbestos it uses petitboot instead). if you have had kmeaws bootos installed previously you need to uninstall it first. to do this go to the game cat nand scroll down till you get to the installed bootos/asbestos then triangle and delete. Next you need to get the lv2patcherv9 from here – upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! then pop both pkg files onto a usb and install via xmb. then run the bootos/petitboot installer and if you dont have it already the lv2patcherv9 and install that. Also attach your external harddrive.

    4)now you want to insert your burnt distro into your ps3. The boot up lv2patcherv9 which will then load petitboot….at this point give petitboot abit of time to find your disc…at this point it will give u different methods to install the distro of your choice depending on the options built into the live cd. for ubuntu for example i used expert but tbh the install is probz for the best(i will get some screen shots asap)

    5)for those whom have installed debian the installer looks pretty much the same from here in. It will let you choose your keyboard/language and also nicely format your external harddrive to run the distro for you(my external shows up as scsi2 and the internal as sda so make sure your choose the right hard drive as your could mess with things you may regret!). Also enter your username and etc(for those who are using for the first time)

    So there you have it, Linux on your PS3 System.